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Identify, Retain and Grow Your Best Customers

The new economy demands a new approach. Newer, faster, better has been replaced with cost-cutting, revenue generating and time-saving. Fortunately, you already have what it takes to increase client retention.


Take advantage of your statements. Where else in your business do you already have the infrastructure in place, the target audience in-hand, and the mailing lists ready? Banks, credit unions, healthcare companies and financial services consistently overlook the power of the statement—despite its original function—to a point that actually costs revenue.

Investing in technology, software, and talent to overhaul your statements is costly. Managing systems and teams long-term puts strain on your organization while adding unnecessary liability.


First line of business: find an integrated solutions provider to manage the dissemination of statements and data for your organization. Makes sure it’s their core business function. Investigate their marketing prowess. Make sure you aren’t looking at a glorified print shop that claims to be home to marketing gurus. ‘Integration’ is critical. To realize revenue, you need a provider that spans the entire process—from content creation to printing to delivery. It should be all they do—and they should have the client list to back it up. Ask for case studies and post-campaign data. Any good provider should have examined response rates and have it available to you within reason.

Look at your statements—is your corporate brand clear and concise? Are you leveraging opportunities to drive corporate messaging home? Is there too much or too little white space? How prominently is your logo positioned? What are your colors? Do your statements have a big-business look and feel or a personalized, small shop tone? How can you achieve both? Each statement is a blank canvas. The revenue lies in up selling, cross selling and building customer-specific messaging into your existing statements. It’s a quick and easy way to turn your existing statements into new revenue.

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