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Increase Operational Efficiency and Lower Costs

Managing statements in-house comes at a cost—internal resources are taxed, quality control is often lost and creative output is limited. A statement production control panel reduces your operational expenses.


The current economic climate doesn’t leave much room for error—if you haven’t looked at outsourcing your statements, now is the time. Statements aren’t enough anymore. Unique messaging is vital to building long-term customer relationships.

Giving up in-house production of your communications can transform your statements into compelling marketing pieces. Large budget allocated for existing marketing isn’t necessary when you can reach your audience regularly with text and design targeted to specific customers. Factor in new opportunities to up-sell, cross-sell, and reinforce your corporate brand and outsourcing suddenly makes sense.

Sending a vital part of your business to an external provider involves risk. Make sure you research each provider’s security and back-up plans. It’s also difficult to imagine handing over your customer list and statement content. Once security meets your expectations, research the background of their in-house marketing professionals. They should know your business and should be able to provide statistics outlining possible response rates and campaign effectiveness.


To make things seamless, you need to be extremely selective when it comes to reviewing the job management process. Find out what it looks like once your job is in process—what type of access will you have, can you see statements real-time, are you able to make changes at will, will you remain at the top of the process food chain once production is no longer in house?

Complete job tracking is out there. It’s possible to have unlimited, unparalleled access to your job as it runs through the phases of production—from concept to print to mail. Think of your computer screen as a window looking over the production floor. It’s that easy and it’s definitely available. Why not leverage marketing expertise, printing capabilities, data processing and mail connections right into your pocket? It’s an instant reduction in total operating costs and we highly recommend it.


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