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Reduce Expenses, Reach Clients, Remain Competitive

There's power in 'e.' Power to reach your clients at a moment's notice. Power to instantly lower printing and mailing costs by 80%. Power to redesign, resposition and reinforce your firm's message.


eStatements have a way of making clients feel more connected to your organization. They’re organic and dynamic, an instant link to your web site. eStatements give you online presence while positioning your company as forward-thinking and future-focused. Customers like the idea of receiving a link that a statement is ready—it gives them power to open it on their terms, when they have more time to navigate the document online. When questions arise, they’re clicks away from answers on yours site, freeing your clients service teams to accomplish other objectives. eStatements leave printing, postage and inaccurate mailing data in the dust. Enough said.

eStatements make revenue generation a slam dunk. Instead of seeing flat, functional documents, your customers see vibrant, corporately consistent tools. You can integrate sales messaging in all areas of your eStatements and the call-to-action is effortless—customers just click a link to reach their online destination.

When you’re shopping for a provider, make sure you settle on an eStatement interface that’s easy to search and simple to navigate. It should allow you to add ‘electronic inserts’ your customers would traditionally receive in the mail. It should be easy to update statements with pertinent information, vital corporate branding and customer-specific messaging. It should be absolutely secure, and completely integrated with all of your back-end systems.

Implementing eStatements is minimally invasive to your organization and it offers an instant solution for reducing expenses, increasing usage and staying competitive.

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