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Company Background

InfoIMAGE started out in 1984 with a goal of becoming the statement resource for financial institutions nationwide. Today, it’s our reality. Our clients count on us to reduce costs. For us, these partnerships have lead to a reputation we’re proud of—one we intend to protect.

We make it easier to reach your customers with the right, relevant information. InfoIMAGE takes your business-critical customer statements and turns them into powerful tools that increase client retention, improve your competitive position, and create additional revenue. Outsourcing your information to InfoIMAGE eliminates capital investments, overhead costs and errors.

It’s your information, fueled by powerful technology that integrates everything—account holder statements, check images, daily notices, taxable income/interest forms and customized targeted marketing. To help you meet your business objectives, we’ve designed state-of-the-art production—from data conversion and digital printing, to automated inserting, pre-sorting, mailing and electronic presentment and archival.

Our focus is your business. We’ve invested in the technology it takes to process, manipulate and deliver your information in a way that creates ROI. Whether you want to print, deliver electronically, or reach specific customers with targeted messages, our robust conversion software and integrated production processes enable us to provide 100% data-to-document integrity and accuracy at any level. It’s why leading banks and credit unions partner with InfoIMAGE. The evidence is in the bottom line. It’s a partnership that reduces risk and operational expenses, increases ROI, and makes your organization agile. After all, when you can leverage your information to create revenue, anything is possible.