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Bank Print and Electronic Capabilities

Our Core competency is composing, printing, inserting, and delivering your documents with zero quality defects in the fastest most cost effective manner possible. With over 30 years of Bank experience, InfoIMAGE understands the unique requirements and demands of your Customers.

Our Print and electronic functionality provide the instant gratification your customers expect in todays fast paced world.

A majority of our employees have worked directly for a major core or a Financial Institution. This experience makes for a relationship where we are proactive and drive solutions that will take the pain out of statement production.

We work with every major core provider

We understand the file formats for each core.   Our experience and integration with the core providers allow access to update or pull information from the core file.  Our ability to work directly with the core on upcoming regulatory or file changes keeps you from having to be the middle man to the process.

Internet Banking

We work with all Internet banking providers on both the retail and business banking sides. Our responsive technology includes API / SSO / DSO


Based on our vast industry experience we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. We understand regulatory requirements and how a financial institution functions. We are proactive in bringing solutions that work to you.

Electronic Documents

Our forte is in producing and delivering documents on time and accurate every time.  Our electronic offering is a quantum leap in electronic document presentment functionality. Our goal is to provide instant gratification by utilizing this functionality for your customers.

Our documents and navigation portals are interactive and ADA friendly. This means your customer can interact with imbedded payment buttons, perform eSignature, sort content, do key word searches, or just plain view an easy to read document.

This enhanced communication with your customer will pay off even greater when you add our Multichannel targeted marketing product. From predictive offers to multi-pronged marketing campaigns we will guaranteed an increase in the number of products per client.

Redesign without Reinventing the Wheel

Over 30 years’ experience working with all of the major core systems has enabled us to understand and work effectively with all of the core file formats. To this end we offer full customization with pie charts, video, multiple language, and interactive content. We also offer a large selection of standard core templates with many advanced features built in.

Full Service Print

From full color variable data printing to commercial web presses, InfoIMAGE has you covered.  Each of our regional data centers carry high speed printing and inserting equipment designed for the financial industry. Small or large jobs, we have the technology in place to compose, print, and insert all of your mission critical documents.


Our 2D camera technology acts like a digital fingerprint for every document we produce. This technology identifies every component in your document package including the envelope for 100% data to mail integrity. Beyond this we also take a picture of each and every document we produce and make it available to you online, with a time and date stamp so you know exactly when your documents are produced and mailed. InfoIMAGE also offers full mail tracking for outbound and inbound documents through the USPS.

Reduce Programing and Postal Fees

In an effort to reduce ongoing fees InfoIMAGE has developed a group of self service products designed to cut time and money out of the simple requests for production or periodic programing changes.

Due to our economies of scale InfoIMAGE can provide you with the best possible postage rate available. The postal discounts we provide have other benefits like speeding up delivery, and tracking your valuable communications from the time we get the file to the time the piece is delivered.

Advanced Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions

Leverage the resources of big data to garner intelligence for key business decisions and marketing programs.

  • Pre-approval Campaigns
  • Welcome Packets
  • Targeted Messaging
  • A/B Testing
  • pURL
  • Coupon Books
  • API Integration
  • Text | Email | Paper
  • Complete Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Envelope Messaging