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Electronic Capabilities

Our forte is in producing and delivering documents on time and correct every time. Our electronic offering is a quantum leap in electronic document presentment functionality. Our goal is to provide instant gratification by utilizing this functionality for your customers.

Our documents and navigation portals are interactive and ADA friendly. This means your customer can interact with imbedded payment buttons, perform eSignature, sort content, key word searches, or just plain view an easy to read document.

This enhanced communication with your customer will pay off even greater when you add our multi-channel targeted marketing product.  From predictive offers to multi-pronged marketing campaigns we will guaranteed an increase in the number of products per client.

Responsive Mobile and eDocument Solutions

InfoIMAGE presents unparalleled electronic features and functionality that place you virtually in front of your account holders.

  • eStatements I eLoan | eTax | eNotices
  • Fully Interactive Statements
  • Secure Email Statement Delivery
  • Selective e-Inserts
  • Check Image Query Module
  • Welcome Emails or SMS
  • API Capabilities
  • PDF or HTML Content
  • Check Image Links
  • Archival Beyond 7 Years
  • Bi-Directional SMS Notifications
  • On Statement Video
  • ADA-Friendly Navigation and Documents
  • Retail and Business Banking Integration

Advanced API / SSO / DSO functionality

Custom Branded eSignature Solution

Secure on-line signing for your loan & transaction documents will improve efficiency and is a convenient solution for your customers.

  • Sign using tablets and smartphones
  • Secure signing sessions for each signer
  • Allow single or multi-document signing
  • Define reusable templates across documents
  • Batch processing w/ eSignature templates
  • Fill and sign forms in one transaction

Secure Bi-Directional Document Exchange

Your clients can upload and store all of their valuable personal documents in our ultra secure, convenient internal cloud. As an added benefit Financial Institutions can push documents requiring eSignature, payment options, or any other important documents to a client for viewing, action required, or for storage.

Embedded Payment Solutions

Choosing to pay a particular bill, invoice or making loan payments all can be embedded onto the online or paper statement.

  • Ingest invoices/billing statements from third party vendors
  • Payments made easy from any mobile device
  • Rich ePayment functionality with various business rules
  • Multiple payment accounts

Advanced Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions

Leverage the resources of big data to garner intelligence for key business decisions and marketing programs.

  • Pre-approval Campaigns
  • Welcome Packets
  • Targeted Messaging
  • A/B Testing
  • PURL
  • Coupon Books
  • API Integration
  • Text | Email | Paper
  • Complete Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Envelope Messaging