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Marketing Tools

Leverage the resources of big data to garner intelligence for key business decisions and marketing programs.

InfoIMAGE offers a very robust, full-fledged campaign and offer management marketing platform. Our rich targeting capabilities combined with multi-channel delivery options, advanced campaign creation functionality, and post campaign analytics, provide everything you need in one convenient location to manage all of your client marketing activities.

Deliver embed targeted offers within printed documents, electronic documents, banner ads, printed mailers, email blasts, or simply as part of the electronic notification email.

InfoIMAGE provides a simple, intuitive interface with full content management capabilities for creating messages/offers with text, graphics, video, animation, QR code, etc and various formatting/styling as well as layout options. An asset library is provided for re-using content across promotions. Personalization options include variable substitution for user data, informational, opt-in/out and offer terms.

A full-fledged campaign dashboard is provided with live, scheduled and pending campaigns, including options for extending campaigns, sending reminders, and tracking effectiveness of each campaign or offer via click tracking or email open rates.

Advanced Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions

  • Pre-approval Campaigns
  • Welcome Packets
  • Targeted Messaging
  • A/B Testing
  • pURL
  • Coupon Books
  • API Integration
  • Text | Email | Paper
  • Complete Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Envelope Messaging