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News Releases

Full-Color Print
InfoIMAGE is happy to announce the installation of the latest in full-color print technology. In keeping with our mission to bring the latest and greatest technology to our customers InfoIMAGE continues to update and add to our best in breed technolo
Core Integrations
With the speed of technology and the requirement of FI customers demanding instant gratification. InfoIMAGE is once again going above and beyond to make the statement process easier. SYMXchange and JXchange are the latest tools for updating key items
Return Mail Handling
Are you buried under a mountain of returned mail? The cost to deal with return mail and update your records too much? Our return mail service will take a formerly labor intensive process and automate it. This has shown to greatly reduce your overall

Upcoming Events

Fiserv Annual Conference (May 6 - 9) Las Vegas, Nevada
Technology and solutions expo: Forum 2019 Fiserv Annual Conference
Connect q2 Annual Client Conference (May 14 - 16) Austin, Texas
InfoIMAGE will be showcasing our new Digital Banking enhancements and multi-channel intelligent marketing solutions.
Corelation Annual User Conference (May 22 - 24) San Diego, California
Join InfoIMAGE and other Corelation partners as we discuss the latest and greatest core integrations and Credit Union delivery solutions.
NCR – Innovations Conference (September 10 - 12) Atlanta, Georgia
Innovation and out of the box solutions will be on display. Join us in Altlanta for all the latest and greatest Internet Banking solutions
Symitar Educational Conference (September 16 - 19) San Diego, California
Join us while we introduce our latest and greatest Credit Union innovations including core connections like SYMX
Jack Henry Annual Conference (October 6 - 10) San Diego, California
JXchange and other time saving integrations designed for e and print delivery solutions.